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What happened that tragic night? Leonard doesn't remember, but he's about to find out. Over and over again...

¿Qué paso esa noche trágica? Leonard no lo recuerda, pero está a punto de averiguarlo. Una y otra vez...

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Jose Enrique Menendez Fernandez

Laura Elena Srebernich

Yesica Regina Laurentino Goncalves

Rosario Puche

Updated 4 days ago
Published 15 days ago
GenreInteractive Fiction, Puzzle
Tags3D, drama, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Spooky, suspense, terror, Unreal Engine

Install instructions

Just download, unrar and click on GotoGameJam.exe

Solo debes descomprimir el .rar y darle a GotoGameJam.exe


The Loop Español.rar 298 MB
The Loop English.rar 298 MB


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Comments below clip;

Well, well, well, this is what happens when you do things, and have no recollection of it, whatsoever.

In that case you have to go through the painful process of trying to gather all the splintered fragments of a fragile, and unstable mind, and piece it back together again.

This game delivers your worst nightmare, right on time, and to a tee...

Just give it a try.

Well done, guys. Had a great time playing it!

thank you for your words and for playing our game!! we are glad that u like it ♥ 

It was a fun little game, good work :)


thank you very much for playing our game, we are working on the expansion of the game ..... A second version will be out soon


Geez, I almost had a heart attack at the end with the dramatic creepy music! Great game though!  The game is the 3rd one, it starts at. 15:13

 thanks  for playing our game!!!!!!!

:) Thanks for making it! Sorry I didn't realize the bunny's name wasn't Molly! :) I look forward to playing more games made by you guys in the future!!

thanks!!!An interesting expansion of the game will be coming soon, we are going to delve a little more into the story

I think that's an excellent idea! :) There's a lot of things left unanswered. More story would be awesome!




thank you very much for playing our game


Creepy and interesting game. Keep up the great work!

thanks!! and thanks  for playing it!!! 


Hola teamansiedad! Muchas gracias por crear este juego, cuando lo jugué sólo estaba en español así que para mis espectadores lo traduje en inglés al momento y estuvo bastante divertido - es la primera vez que mis subscriptores me escucharán en español :) . Lo único que fue díficil es la velocidad del diálogo, a veces pasaba rápido y no lograba leerlo completo. Pero en sí el juego fue entretenido, me gustó el detalle de interactuar con diferentes objetos y el conejito de peluche!

Muchas gracias por jugarlo!!! y las criticas ♥


The English Version is UP!!! thank you all for your videos!!!

we made some social media so you can follow the game expansion!





Short but not bad at all. Could have a english version though. Made a video on it.


thanks for playing our game, the english version will be today/tomorrow! ♥


Didn't wanna wait for the english version  I just played it.

thank you for playing!! ♥


good game

thank you and thanks for playing!!!




Gracias!!! ♥


Due to all requests, in the next few days we will be publishing an English version!

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Jose Enrique Menendez Fernandez




Laura Elena Srebernich




Yesica Regina Laurentino Goncalves




Rosario Puche




Thank you so much!!!


i will shamelessly say i enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons but it was fun :D here is my vid about it and dont mind me getting too excited in the cutscenes :D


thank you for playing!!


nice story

Thank you for playing our game!!!


It's an interesting game, it would just need a little more polishing in the graphics, and more emphasis on the puzzles and mystery involving the protagonist's family. My opinion, of course. Anyway, congratulations on your game.

Thank you so much for playing our game and for the critics we really appreciate it!!!


The game is neat, short, but I was invested in story and loved the puzzle system. I do hope, you can make one with a translated text, in English. Thanks and good luck. 


Thank you so much!!